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South carolina

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Midlands Local WIB - Columbia OneStop

Meet Charles

Workforce Challenge

Charles was skilled welder with numerous industry-recognized certifications. When he was laid off, he came to the Columbia OneStop WIA program as a Dislocated Worker, hoping for assistance in finding a new job. Unfortunately, his criminal history disqualified him for a lot of jobs.

Workforce Solution

The Workforce Consultant recommended that Charles take steps to try to have his records expunged. He was referred to a workshop about the expungement process held by the Columbia OneStop. The workforce consultant continued to assist Charles with his job search by providing referrals and intensive searching.

Even though Charles was receiving help, he still could not find employment and he became very frustrated and hopeless. His workforce consultant encouraged him to continue to search for employment and not give up.

Outcomes & Benefits

Charles took this advice, and visited American Spiral where he asked for and was granted an interview. The interview included a welding test on which Charles performed very well. A few days later American Spiral offered him a position as a welder. Charles accepted the offer and is now back at work.

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